Concert Restrictions


  • Allow extra time for entry onto the lawn. Seating is available on a first come first serve basis. Wristbands will be distributed for entry and re-entry.
  • Please respect the elderly and disabled as well as other event goers.

Security Measures

  • Bags and coolers will be searched at designated security checkpoints for public safety.
  • See Let's Go!: Checkpoints for specific MA State Police instructions.

What to Bring

  • An umbrella or parasol for shade or in case of rain.
  • A blanket or tarp (no larger than 10 x 10 ft.) for sitting on the lawn.
  • Pop up Tents/Canopies with no sides (maximum size 10 x 10 ft.) (No Tents/Canopies allowed on July 3).
  • Folding beach chairs.
  • Sun protection lotion.
  • Shoulder-strap or single-handled coolers (nothing with wheels), snacks, and refreshments. Food and refreshments will also be available at the concession stands.
  • All personal items must be carried in clear bags only.
  • If you are travelling by public transportation, it saves time to purchase passes in advance.
  • Binoculars to make event viewing easier.
  • Photographic cameras are allowed.
  • On July 3rd and 4th all allowable items must be checked and carried through security checkpoints for the Oval and the Island. Seating capacity is limited.

What NOT to Bring

  • No glass containers.
  • No cans
  • No pre-mixed beverages.
  • All liquids must be in sealed clear plastic containers not to exceed 2 liters.
  • No coolers on wheels.
  • No backpacks, shopping bags, oversized handbags/purses. Small purses permitted and must be placed in clear bag after inspection.
  • Alcoholic beverages are restricted.
  • No grills, hibachis or fires are allowed.
  • No sharp objects, weapons, firearms.
  • No pets (unless service animal for the disabled).
  • No bicycles allowed in the Oval or the Island. Bicycles outside of the Oval and Island may not be secured to objects and must not be left unattended or else they may be subject to removal.
  • No drones.

Boating Guidelines

  • Marked Safety Zone: Vessels must anchor and remain 100 feet from shore and 1000 feet from fireworks barges See maps.
  • Red Zone: East of fireworks barges. Vessels 13ft. and greater
  • Blue Zone: West of Massachusetts Ave. bridge
  • Vessels with height of over 12ft. will not clear drawbridge and must remain upriver of Longfellow Bridge after fireworks
  • Discharge of boat sewage is prohibited. Designated pump-out facilities are located at the Charles River Yacht Club and Watertown Yacht Club
  • The lagoons on the Boston side of the river are closed to ALL boat traffic from June 28 to July 5.
  • All docks, including Union Boat House Dock, Hatch Shell Dock, and the Fiedler Statue Dock, will be closed to the public from June 28 to July 5.
  • The Gloucester Street Dock and temporary docks (along Boston side of the river) near Dartmouth Street, are for dingies only from June 28 to July 5.
  • Boats are not allowed to dock between the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge and Longfellow Bridge from June 28 to July 5.

Handicapped Access:

  • Disabled persons may enter the designated area accompanied by one guest with folding chair. Space is available on a first come first serve basis until 6pm. See maps.


  • Restrooms, portable restrooms, and handicapped restrooms are available. See maps.

July 4th: Parking Restrictions and Road Closures

  • No parking on Storrow Drive or Memorial Drive from the Longfellow to Boston University Bridges.
  • Storrow Drive inbound from Kenmore Square to Charles Circle; Outbound from Leverett Circle to Kenmore Square.
  • Longfellow Bridge closed to traffic.
  • Mass Ave. Bridge closed to traffic and pedestrians at 4pm.
  • Storrow Drive: exit ramp closed in Tip O'Neill tunnel.
  • Storrow Drive: on/off ramps closed for Berkeley St, Charlesgate eastbound, Charles St Circle westbound, Bowker Overpass at Park Dr to Fenway.
  • Memorial Drive inbound and outbound lanes from the BU Bridge to the Longfellow Bridge.
  • Longfellow Bridge closed to pedestrians from 9:00pm until fireworks conclude.
  • Fiedler Footbridge closure from Beacon St.
  • Charles St. Circle Footbridge closure.
  • Disabled parking available 12pm at Mass Eye and Ear until 6pm or until full. Additional disabled parking only on Cambridge Parkway.


July 3rd/4th

  • Checkpoints on July 3 will be opened at 5:00 p.m.

Oval Access

  • The Oval Checkpoint will be located between the Lagoon's Clarendon footbridge and the Berkley footbridge. Access to the checkpoint can best be accomplished by accessing the Esplanade from Berkeley St. after 9:00am July 4th, 5:00pm July 3rd. Those arriving to the Esplanade prior to 4:00 PM should use the Dartmouth or Fairfield Street foot bridges over Storrow Drive.


  • There will also be an Island/Lagoon area checkpoint. This checkpoint will be located on the Island/Lagoon by the Clarendon bridge. This checkpoint will also open at 9:00am on July 4th, 5:00 p.m. on July 3rd, and this checkpoint can be accessed from the Lagoon's Clarendon, Exeter and Fairfield footbridges. Access to the checkpoint can best be accomplished by accessing the Esplanade from Berkeley St. after 4:00 PM. Those arriving to the Esplanade prior to 4:00 PM should use the Dartmouth or Fairfield Street foot bridges over Storrow Drive.